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  The Penguin Water Care has grown from the need for this service in Rajkot (Gujarat) . Established in the year 2009, PENGUIN WATER CARE” is counted among the leading service providers of Water Tank Cleaning. Housing Society in an up-market local of Rajkot (Gujarat), to clean the tanks. The Cleaning Services provided by us include Water Treatment Chemical, Industrial Water Treatment Chemical, Water Tank Cleaning Services, Swimming Pool Cleaning Services. We have 170 + customer base and an experience of cleaning more than 600+ tanks in the last 6 Months. The Water Treatment Chemicals is widely acknowledged for purity, efficiency and accurate composition. We have been successful in establishing a strong foothold in the market owing to the profound leadership of our owner, Mr. Pratik Khara His in-depth knowledge and experience of more than 10 years has been instrumental in making us the preferred choice of our clients. The Penguin Water Care can advise on methods and means of maintaining your tank water free of undesirable taste, odour, contaminating deposits, algae and harmful bacteria. The Penguin Water Care have a uniquely designed vacuum system, require no more physical access and are able to maintain both equipment and water hygiene. We are fully equipped with the updated machineries and equipment and are well versed to engage for operation, most effective techniques, insecticides / germicide / disinfectant and chemicals. Our employees are thoroughly screened prior to hiring and trained to work in teams using top of the line equipment and cleaning products. Each team has supervisors, who will double check to make sure all areas are sparkling before leaving your work place.

A few years later during inspection of underground water storage tanks in one of the luxurious society in Rajkot, we saw debris, sludge, algae accumulating including cockroaches and other insects settled all along the ceiling, corners and on the walls of the Tank.

Client convenience and peace of mind are the foundation of our business!
  Equipment Hygiene  
  We are cleaning specialists of Water Tanks and our equipment is used specifically for this purpose. The cleaning implements and houses are sprayed and flushed with some solutions to kill any bacteria that may be present on the equipment after completion of a clean that may have had water high in bacteria.  
  Water Hygiene  
  We can disinfect the remaining water to kill bacteria in a client's tank after the cleaning process-particularly if decaying vegetation, sediment, insects, reptiles or animals have been present. We can improve poor quality water - i.e. smelly, tainted or discolored drinking water, and will remove the build-up of sediment from the floor of your tank.

Our services are especially instrumental in curbing diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid,  Gastroenteritis & Jaundice born out of unhygienic drinking water. To ensure proper hygiene, we make use of technologically advanced machinery for cleaning underground as well overhead tanks.
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